Restaurant FLORA

With two protocol salons, two salons for various events and generous dancefloors,
Flora is the successful restaurant destination for important events in your life.
The professionalism with which we treat these events will be reflected in all aspects: starting from the fresh ingredients, careful preparation of the served specialties to the arrangement of the plates and the location.
We offer services that deal down to the smallest detail on the organization of these events, so that you will only have to enjoy them. We offer complete services, diversified menus and professional staff.

  • two salons for events – of 180 respectively 400 placestwo VIP protocol lounges – of 15 and 30 placesthe halls can be rented for any number of persons

    professional  conditioning;

    menu – 145 lei (4 dishes, coffee, bread and wedding cake included)
    decoration and interior design (covers, etc. ..) – included
    room for the bride and groom – free
    discount on accommodation for the guests
    Floral arrangements – Paid
    music bands and DJs – Paid
    Fireworks – Paid

    For any event organized on Sundays we offer a 10% discount on the menu and the hall decoration for free!
    For the events with at least 150 people Flora Restaurant provides free wine.
    No other fees and commissions.

    Phone: 0251 417 258, 0251 411 470;

    0722 686 685 – Costi Pescaru – Chief Restaurant

    0723.544.493 – General Manager

    Address: Mihai Viteazul 18, Craiova, Dolj

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